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photoPresident director : Yaeko Sugata
Executive director : Hideo Sugata


Head Office Stainless Product Dpte Stainless Processing Works
    Nakiri Works
  Mareials Sales Dpte Kuriya Works
    Stainless Sheet Sales Sect
  Nisshin Steel's Yard Works  
Associated Sales Company Stainless Shunan Co.,Ltd Sales Head Office
    Shimonoseki Office
Associated Transport
  Shinko Unyu Co.,LTD



2-31 Sakaemati,Shunan-city, Yamaguchi Pref

Message from President

  Stainless steel which is good in corrosion resistance and design characteristics brings the comfort and the richness for human life by an earnest research and development effort.  Making use of this superior characteristic,  we have been especially made an effort and sent better and low-cost products off in the world.
 The product and the service that we bring about should be replyed to the society benefit, being ahead of a change of the times , and being  fresh.
 Greeting a new century, meeting diversifying user needs, we would do produce and sell a value-added high quality article coherent to social life.
 In addition, we contribute to carry a part of resources recycling for raw materials mainly on stainless steel by working to be able to have satisfaction of user and society.
 All employee wolud do make an effort, convincing that it is the driving force to technology development of our company that we get larger impression from user,


We Tokuyama Kosan group recycle iron wastes to make raw materials of stainless steel.  Using reborn new stainless steel from the raw materials,  we process into products such as galley goods, parts for manufacturing hi-tech members, facilities for nursing home or scene materials, and sell them. We are engaged in a business concerned with a life cycle of stainless steel, so to speak.
It is our wish to contribute to the society, aiming to be the company which is kind to the earth and people. 


Established on June  25th in 1955
Capital \45,000,000
Number of Employee156
Licenced Enterprise: General Construction Industry
(Building,Piping,Steel structureing,Steel sheet processing)
License No. by Pref Governer of Yamaguchi:6455
A foundation:License by the Minister of Economy Trade and Industry. Japan Iron and Steel Institute member Items

  1. 1. Processing and building of order made stainless goods
  2. Processing of accurate parts by stainless sheet
  3. Processing and building of ornamental building parts
  4. Processing of kitchen units
  5. Processing of kitchin sink and top
  6. Seles of stainless steel sheets and strips
  7. Recycling of melting materials for stainless steel
  8. Work for Nisshin Steel's melting Yard

Dealing bank Yamaguchi Bank The Central Cooperative Bank for Commerse and Industri
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubisi UFJ
Main customers Nisshin Stee SUNWAVE CORPORATION
Metal One Nishinihon Corporation Tokyo Electron Kyusyu Ltd

Seiei Kamei Seisakusyo